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After a PhD focused on the synthesis of biodegradable aliphatic polyester ring opening polymerization of cyclic esters (Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques, University of Bordeaux), Maud Save joined the group of Pr. Steve P. Armes (University of Sussex in Brighton (UK), 2000) for a post-doctoral research on the synthesis of amphiphilic copolymers which self-assembled into cross-linked micelles. She spent one year at the School of Engineering of Chemistry at Nancy (ENSIC, France) for a lecturer position and she studied the synthesis of graft amphiphilic polymers based on dextran under the guidance of Pr. Edith Dellacherie.

Since 2002, she has held as permanent CNRS position, first at the Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères, University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris)) in the group of Pr. Bernadette Charleux. Her research program was focused on the synthesis of hybrid materials and polymer colloids by controlled radical polymerization. Since October 2007, Maud Save has joined the team of polymer (Institut des Sciences Analytiques et de Physico-chimie pour l'Environnement et les Matériaux – Equipe de Physique et Chimie des Polymères) at the University of Pau (UPPA).

Key words of research activities: polymer synthesis ; controlled radical polymerization (nitroxyde ; ATRP; RAFT); polymerization in aqueous dispersed media ; synthesis of colloids and microgels; surface-initiated polymerization; biosourced stabilizers.

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